Is Teleportation a Reality?

This is a process whereby a body is moves from one locus say A to locus B without touching it or applying any mechanical energy by all means.

True or Untrue?

Teleportation is true in the sense that a physical body disappears at a particular point and happens to re-appear at a different point but in this case with a certain popping sound. It should not therefore be confused with Out-of-Body Experiences which is a movement of souls or electromagnetic radiations are moved from one point to another by relocating the whole body.

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How to Manage the Information Lifecycle Needs the Best Way

In attempt to define what data lifecycle, data management professionals describe data lifecycle as phases with each having unique features. This phases include;

  1. Data capturing where data values were not available before. This phase is further subdivided into; i) data acquisition ii) data entry iii) signal reception
  2. Data maintenance includes tasks such as data movement, cleansing, integration and enrichment
  3. Data synthesis involves creation of data values by use of inductive reasoning and other input methods.
  4. Data usage is where data is applied in the management of an organization or business enterprise.
  5. Data publication which involves sharing information with other business units or enterprises.
  6. Data archival occurs when data is copied to external environment in case it is needed in the near future.

As a matter of facts, some data processes or phase it is not a must that they follow every step discussed in the above phases.

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